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  • Max Hot Water 80 °C
  • Min Chill Water 5 °C
  • เหมาะสําหรับใช้ในโรงงสานอุตสาหกรรมทุกรูปแบบ

Product Feature

Wifi data transfer for online preventive maintenance program

Updrade refrigerant control to Electronic Expansion Value

  • Better COP and energy saving
  • Better operating condition of compressor. Result in Longer lifetime.
  • Reduce Maintenance cost.

High Efficiency Heat Transfer Water Heater

High Efficiency Heat Transfer with brazed plate heat exchanger on condenser side.

Specially Design Pipe in Tube Evaporator

Patent design tube in pipe evaporator. The most suitable for water source heat pump.

  • Superior heat transfer performance
  • Reduce risk of freeze and broken as normally caused in brazed plate heat exchanger.

Multiple Access Panel.

Design casing with multiple access service doors for easy maintenance. Material is powder coated electrogalcanized steel or stainless steel AISI 304 as an optional.

PLC Controller with Touch screen display

Programable logic controller with touch screen display for user friendly. Heat pump can be control from long distance up to 500 m. Controller reserved for RS485 Modbus RTU protocol for integrated with computer monitoring system.

Small footprint with 50% space saving compare with conventional model

New function design of heat pump result in space saving