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Product Feature

Wifi data transfer for online preventive maintenance program

Updrade refrigerant control to Electronic Expansion Value

  • Better COP and energy saving
  • Better operating condition of compressor. Result in Longer lifetime.

Increase Heating Efficiency

New desgin L-Shape Enaporator to increase heat transfer area. 28% bigger than conventional heat pump.

Titanium Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger.

High effciency titanium tube in tube heat exchanger. Inner tube is spiral type for enhance heat transfer. The most suitable heat exchanger for any kind of pool.

Environmental Friendly Refrigerant R410a

New Refrigerant “R410a” has environmental safety and higher Coefficient of Performance (COP).

New Design for 30% Space Saving

By new design, Footprint space saving up to 50% Serve customer more convenient and fit to limited installed area.

Multiple access service doors.

Body of Heat pump designed 6 service accesses for checking up. Increasing more convenient for maintenance purpose.

Usable cold air and ready for duct Connection.

Heat pump is ready for connected duct in the purpose of good ventilation in the case of installed in pump room or use for ventilation in maximum distance 15 meters.