Sample Applications

Air Supply or Humidity Control Processes
(Automotive, Electronic, Pharmaceutical)

Humidity control systems in an industrial process need both cooling to remove moisture and heating to warm the air to a specified temperature. The most frequently used combination is a boiler for heating and a chiller for cooling which are known offenders of high energy consumption. However, this humidity control process can be greatly improved by a simple heat pump system. The potential heat savings costs can be up to 50-75% while free cooling from the heat pump can reduce much of power needed to supply the chiller.




Electro Dipping Process
(Automotive & Parts)

The Electro Dipping Process (ED) in the automotive industry typically use boilers to heat water in pre-treatment baths (degreasing baths; phosphatizing baths) in the process of car surface cleaning. During this process, a chiller is used to remove heat by DC electricity generation in the Electro Dipping tank. Heat pumps can complete such a system by using heat in the ED tank as a heat source which is then transferred to a pre-treatment bath. By doing so, between 50-70% of existing energy costs can be saved by using a Heat Pump.





Hot Water Used in Sanitary and Other Washing Systems

Cleaning by hot water is a necessary process in many businesses. For example, hotels, hospitals, clubhouses which large sanitary systems and food and beverage industries which use hot water for bottle cleaning processes. Those processes can accomplish great savings through heat pump technology.